About Cooper

Cooper is a global company with representation in every continent and an international reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of split bearings.

All our products are made in England to the highest specifications. Our ISO 9001 accreditation shows you can rely on both our products and our processes, and we were recently awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard for our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

We are also registered with Lloyds and BSI.


Cooper was established by Thomas Cooper, a prolific inventor and brilliant engineer, in 1894 in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, where the company is still based today. Mr Cooper’s first major invention was a revolutionary steam digger for use in arable farming. During the 1914-1918 war he invented and produced the first small aerial bombs of their kind. There was a point at which Thomas Cooper held more patents than any other single person in the country.

After Thomas Cooper’s death and throughout the second half of the 20th century the company focused on the ground-breaking split bearing he designed back in 1907. It swiftly became the number one split bearings in the world.

Throughout our decades of success Cooper has retained its family ethos, with employees serving an average of 22 years.
You’ll find this level of dedication and commitment brought to our work on your business too.

Research and development

In 1991 the Kaydon Corporation became Cooper’s parent company. While respecting the Cooper culture Kaydon has invested heavily in the latest technology necessary to keep Cooper one step ahead, recognizing that continuous research and development is essential to maintaining our position as market leader.

360 degree service

Over a century of innovation focused on perfecting our precision manufacturing techniques means we don’t simply develop and produce first class, premium quality, cost-effective bearings. We also have a wealth of experience to share with our customers, which means we can comprehensively support your business from the product selection stage through installation, training, maintenance and repair.

Trust Cooper to provide you with world-class technical support every step of the way.

Sound business sense

What makes Cooper split bearings the smart choice both for engineers and for business is their flexibility compared to solid bearings. Cooper split bearings are easier to install and more accessible once in place. Maintenance of your machinery is therefore more straightforward and less expensive. And revenue lost through downtime is radically reduced.