Due to quality issues with the leather

Narration: Some of the methane in the atmosphere today has natural origins. But more than half of it was put there by us And of that landfill, agriculture and mining account for about a third each. The atmospheric methane concentration today is just under 2 parts per million compared to carbon dioxide which is currently 384 parts per million.

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buy canada goose jacket Several plants in southern and central China last year began buying from Bangchak, whose simple refinery canada goose outlet toronto factory produces mainly low value residues from crude, to crack it into higher value fuel such as gasoline and canada goose outlet ontario diesel, Anusorn Sangnimnuan told Reuters.The Chinese demand, which would last at least until 2008, will allow Bangchak to raise throughput to 60,000 70,000 bpd later this year. The plant, which has a nameplate capacity of 120,000 bpd, is running at only 50,000 bpd in the first quarter.we thought 2007 was going to be another exhausting year for us when state power firm www.beachcottage.ca EGAT, Bangchak main domestic customer for fuel oil, switched to use more natural gas to generate electricity, Anusorn said.we were able to find new demand from Chinese refineries that want the same low sulphur fuel oil as EGAT used to buy to fill up the gap, the Australian educated chemical engineer said.Anusorn did not name the Chinese buyers, but said the deals were done through Japanese and Chinese traders and the refineries were mostly near river or seaports able to handle fuel tankers of 20,000 or 30,000 tonnes.He did not say how much the Chinese refineries canada goose outlet reviews had bought, but a Bangchak official said they could raise their purchases of 0.5 percent canada goose stockists uk sulphur residual canada goose shop uk fuel to 80,000 tonnes per shipment later this year from 50,000 60,000 tonnes.Anusorn did not specify the type of residual fuel the company is selling. Market sources said Bangchak had been exporting low sulphur waxy residue (LSWR) to Chinese refiners at monthly volumes of about 15,000 tonnes since last year.China, the world top fuel oil importer, is expected to buy more volumes directly from producers, traders said.PLANT UPGRADE Bangchak, operating below half capacity due to lacklustre simple refining margins, is due to complete the construction of a 25,000 bpd hydrocracker unit in the middle of canada goose outlet store new york next year, which would raise output to 100,000 bpd, Anusorn said.The unit would convert heavy residual fuel into lighter and more profitable products and change the types of crude Bangchak would buy, Anusorn said.Currently, 80 percent of crude Bangchak uses comes from domestic sources, mainly canada goose outlet online uk the offshore Pattani and onshore Phet fields, which has low levels of sulphur and high levels of mercury, he said.The remaining 20 percent came as condensate from Australia and Indonesia, Anusorn said.After the completion of the 15 billion baht ($458 million) plant upgrade, Bangchak would half its domestic crude proportion to 40 percent and buy 60 percent from the Middle East, he said.Bangchak, whose ethanol blended gasoline accounts for more than half its retail sales, would stop producing 95 octane gasoline in two months to focus on biofuel production, he said.It would buy gasoline from other vendors for its service stations canada goose outlet phone number instead.Despite higher production in 2007, Bangchak earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA), excluding the net value of oil stocks, would be lower than last year due canada goose outlet store quebec to the uncertainty of retail and refinery margins, he said.Bangchak 2007 EBITDA, excluding the net value of oil stock, should be around 2.10 billion baht versus 2.32 billion baht in 2006, he said buy canada goose jacket.